You Should Know About What Type Of Dentures you Should Get

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you should know about what type of dentures you should get

What Type of Dentures Should You Get?

Patients who have experienced tooth decay and are missing teeth may be looking for the best solution to restore their smiles. Though there are many different options for teeth restoration, finding the right one may require research and advice from your dentist in Winnipeg.

A common solution for missing teeth is dentures. Dentures are artificial teeth replacements that sit over a patient’s gums and provide them with a brand-new smile. There are multiple denture types, with each suiting a patient’s specific dental needs. A dentist near you can help you determine which type is the most appropriate for your case.

The different dentures include conventional, partial, immediate, and implant supported. They each have a different function and benefits for your unique case.

Types of Dentures

Conventional Dentures

If a patient has lost their teeth due to oral health issues, aging, or other problems, a dentist may recommend this type of removable denture. Once your dentist has successfully treated any problem that could interfere with your health, they will prepare your mouth to receive the device. Your dentists will take a mold of your mouth and use it to create ideal fitting dentures to restore your smile.

Conventional dentures may take longer to fabricate since the process can also involve the removal of teeth. Your dentist may need to wait for your gums to heal to create an impression of your smile. Creating the full denture itself may also take some time.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures may be used to replace one or a few missing teeth if the patient still has existing natural teeth. This type of denture involves using the existing teeth as support structures, thereby creating a bridge of artificial teeth over the empty spaces in the gum line. The device can be removed and adjusted when necessary. It may be ideal for patients looking to get dentures in Winnipeg but do not need a full denture or are not ready for dental implants and prefer a removable option.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a quick solution to tooth loss. They are not custom fitted but can be used to restore your smile on the same day your teeth are extracted or lost. This type of denture is temporary and is ideal for patients looking for a quick fix; they will allow you to return to your normal routine without issues and ensure your smile shows no signs of missing teeth. Immediate dentures, however, are not specifically designed for each patient and are not durable. After a few months, most patients will need to return to their dental office for a new set of dentures.


Also known as implant retained dentures, these dentures require the incorporation of implants. The dentures will be secured in place by implant screws and abutments added to any existing bone that a dentist can save. This type of denture will have more stability and facilitate daily activities such as chewing. Like other dentures, patients will need to remove their overdentures at night by detaching them from the abutments to let their gums breathe.

Dentures held in place with implants are more secure and provide better support for daily activities. Acquiring these, however, often demand more healing time.

Are You Interested in Dentures Near You?

Contact our local dental office today if you’re interested in learning more about dentures in Winnipeg. Our dentists at Smiles On Portage Dental Centre will be happy to guide you through the process of getting dentures and which type of restoration procedure will be best for you.