Wisdom Tooth Extractions Near You

Wisdom teeth are the very back molars in your mouth. They usually develop between your late teens and early twenties. Some people are lucky to either have no wisdom teeth, or they grow in properly. However, many people have issues with their wisdom teeth because they don’t have enough room in their mouth, or they have grown in at an angle, causing discomfort. We provide wisdom tooth extractions near you to relieve your discomfort and pain.

wisdom tooth extractions in winnipeg

Why are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Wisdom teeth are removed to prevent future oral health problems and to relieve pain. There are many reasons why your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. Our dentist recommends getting wisdom tooth extractions in Winnipeg in the following situations:

  • If your wisdom teeth have grown in at an angle, causing swelling and pain.
  • If there is a cavity in your wisdom teeth.
  • If your wisdom teeth are trapped under your gums or partially erupted.
  • If there is not enough room in your mouth to accommodate the wisdom teeth, which causes crowding and misalignment.

The Process of Receiving Wisdom Tooth Extractions

If you’re looking to receive wisdom tooth extractions in Winnipeg, our dentist will first examine your teeth and gums. X-rays will be taken to determine if your wisdom teeth will need to be removed, and we will schedule your extraction appointment. We will administer sedation to ensure your procedure is painless. Our dentist will then remove your tooth and thoroughly clean the area before stitching it up. After your procedure, we will provide thorough aftercare instructions to ensure you have a smooth recovery. Patients will typically experience swelling or discomfort in the first couple of days. It is essential not to dislodge the blood clots that have formed as they help heal your wound. Please avoid rinsing, brushing the extraction area, and spitting on the first day. We recommend cleaning the area with salt water or an antibacterial mouthwash.

Are you looking to receive wisdom tooth extractions near you? Our office provides wisdom tooth extractions in Winnipeg to prevent oral health issues from arising. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.